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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Rabb View Post
Averages yes, but Bush had more touches as well, 227 carries and 35 receptions to Willis having 167 carries and 26 receptions. Bush had 8 TDs to Willis' 4 and he had one less fumble (4) than Willis, and 2 fewer lost (2 to his 4).

I like Willis, no question...but Bush would be the better option of the 2, IMO. I would love SJ here though.
Statistically they may be similar, but Bush and McGahee are polar opposites. Stats don't tell you the whole story. Reggie likes to run to the outside, and will often create negative plays by bouncing inside runs out, and not following his blocks. Reggie is a home run threat, and is deceptively strong one-on-one breaking tackles.

That's why he wants to go to a pass first team, he's better in space, and he wants to be more of a home run threat.
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