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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
I dont think you know how the cap works or how the numbers are spread out over the life of the contract. If you did, you would stop posting that the Broncos are in cap hell. They are not, they also have rollover money from NOT spending up to the cap last year.

Stop justifying this move as if it makes any financial sense. It doesnt. Unless your worried about Bowlen's liquer cabinet running dry.
Yes, I understand exactly how the cap works. And yes, the Broncos will be in cap hell in 2014 if they keep Dumervil's contract as is. The $14M rollover is a continuance of the roughly $30M they inherited in rollover from the 2011 season (which they partially spent in 2012). Just add up the top 51 contracts. I'm sick of explaining it. All I'm saying is, the rumors regarding the Broncos offering 'half' of Dumervil's salary are true mathematically. They can only afford about $8M (total cap hit) in 2013, and $8M (total cap hit) in 2014 from Dumervil. That cut's about $10M off of Dumervil's cap hit over the next two years. He won't agree to it. Not here.

It's not something the Broncos want to do, it's all they can afford and still be able to add a starting CB and NT in Free Agency. Do the math.

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Where does 17 million come from? We pay him 12 million this year. If you are prorating some portion of the contract for cap purposes, that is not cash spent, it is cap money, same as this year. Anything that applies to cutting him a year from now applies to cutting him now. You aren't making any sense.
$17M comes from Elvis' would be 2013 cap hit ($13.6M) + the dead money created by cutting Dumervil in 2014 (~$3.2M).

I already told you that carrying Dumervil's contract 'as is' for the 2 years would cause cap hits of $13.6M, and $11.6M ($25M total)...They CANNOT, under any circumstances afford that. They would have to cut SEVERAL players in 2014.

The only choices they have are to offer Dumervil a roughly $10M paycut over the next two years, or cut him. That's the mathematical reality.
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