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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
So if we are thinking rationally and looking to win Super Bowls in the next 2 years, why doesn't PM restructure la Elway did and help the team out? That way when PM leaves in 2-3 we don't have to blow everything up and start from scratch, but most importantly, it allows us to retain our own developed talent, and allows us to upgrade at the spots that would make us a solid bet for the SB.
I can't speak for Peyton Manning, but my guess is for two reasons.

1.) He just signed the contract with Denver
2.) He doesn't have the same type of connection with the Denver Bronco franchise that John Elway did/does. He's a mercenary. Love the guy in the orange and blue, but he's a hired gun. My guess is if we're close, but come up short in 2014, and if he returns for a 3rd season, he'll restructure at that time.

As far as developing talent for the post PM era, no player is more important than Von Miller. He will be the highest paid player in the league. Either by us or somebody else.

The second most important Post-Manning era move would be to surround Brock, or whomever the QB is with a top 5 LT (Clady), a playmaking WR (Thomas) and a decent possession guy (Decker.)

Doom is a 3-4 speed rushing specialist, who's somewhat of a liability in run support. Again, a great weapon to have on the team, but not as important as the players listed above.
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