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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Way too much rational thought for this thread. I like Doom too. I think he's an excellent speed rusher off of the edge. My guess is he'll continue to be a 8-10 sack guy in a 4-3 and quite possibly a 12 + sack guy when he lands with a 3-4 team. I think his production loss will be felt, but can be somewhat offset by a rotation of guys like Ayers, Malik Jackson, a FA acquisition (Osi) and even utilizing Wolfe as an outside edge pass-rusher. It's better than being in Jets cap hell in a couple of years when we have to sign Von, DT, Decker etc.

Honestly, I'd even be OK if down the line we lose a Decker, or a Woodyard, because the nature of the modern NFL dictates that you will lose some players. You simply can't have an 80's 49ers Dynasty in the salary cap era.

People have to realize that this is about the future of the franchise. You have to look up your top 2-3 marque players. Unfortunately, Doom isn't a top 2-3 marque player for the Denver Broncos any longer. Doesn't mean he sucks, doesn't mean the team couldn't use him, but if we want to keep Von Miller as a Denver Bronco beyond his rookie contract, Elway will have to make him the highest paid front seven player in the league, period.

If we want to lock up Clady to a long term contract, he will be paid as a top 5 LT in the league.

Demaryius Thomas had a huge year. I think baring injury, he'll be better next season. Soon you will have to pay DT like a top 5 WR in the league.

It sucks, I wish they could find some way to trade him, but for the most part, league executives and GM's aren't stupid. They know Denver has next to no leverage to move Doom. They'll simply wait for him to get cut.
So if we are thinking rationally and looking to win Super Bowls in the next 2 years, why doesn't PM restructure la Elway did and help the team out? That way when PM leaves in 2-3 we don't have to blow everything up and start from scratch, but most importantly, it allows us to retain our own developed talent, and allows us to upgrade at the spots that would make us a solid bet for the SB.
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