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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I think the front office has come to the conclusion that they are better off getting rid of one players large contract in hopes to be able to sign several players at other positions of need in order to win a championship. Dumervil is a fan favorite, has been nothing but a team player and a has had a successful NFL career ever since he was drafted all those years ago. Financially -- is he worth it?

His contract was given to him when he had his best season ever as a 3-4 OLB. Depsite the premium on pass rushers in the NFL, is it really worth the Broncos to invest $12 million this year in him, as well as $8-10 million the next three years (not sure what the true total is with bonus) for a guy who has averaged ~ 9 sacks a year as a 4-3 DE?

The coaches and FO must obviously feel he is not worth his salary given his production. After some thought, I do hope we ignore Freeney, but he would probably come on a significant discount by virtue of past production, age and the fact he wants to play with Manning. I think Osi would be a good fit for the defense and would have success under JDR and would come at easily half the price than what we are paying Dumervil now. I think they also might get by with Ayers and Jackson in a rotation. I know JDR raved about Ayers when he had the opportunity to coach him at the Senior Bowl. It will give the FO a good idea if he is a guy worth extending beyond his final year of his rookie contract.

Coupled in with financials, this is about asset allocation. The Broncos know that over the next two off-seasons, several young and rising stars on their roster will be due significant pay raises, they include:
  • Von Miller
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Eric Decker (FA after this year)
  • Zane Beadles (FA after this year)
  • Chris Harris
  • Wesley Woodyard (FA after this year)
  • Ryan Clady (FA, if he is extended beyond his Franchise Tag)

I wouldn't want to see any of these guys go to another team. This also doesn't include guys like Orlando Franklin and others who have two years remaining on their rookie deals. One or two years left remaing makes up the majority of players on the Broncos roster. Axing Dumervil is part of a process (IMHO) that will give us flexibility in the cap in the long run and dishing him out now will allow the Broncos Brass to set up parameters for new contracts that will have to be given sooner than later.

I assume that Manning/Bailey will be off the books in a couple of more seasons as well. Champ has two years left on his contract and it is known he won't be getting 9 million a year if he decides to give it a last ride past that. At some point in time, I believe Manning will retire (probably in two seasons) or have to be approached about re-structure.

Moving on from Dumervil gets rid of our second largest contract and frees up space for what we need to keep at home for the future, as well as bring in to win now. It is sad to see us cut a guy of his caliber outright, but **** -- we really don't have a choice, now do we? If we want to stay competitive for the long-haul, we need to take care of guys who have a bright future ahead of them.

If getting rid of Dumervil means we can bring in a guy like Osi, as well as being able to dish for Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, Sean Smith, etc. -- I am all for it. It's quite possible we can get a 2-for-1 or perhaps 3-for-1 on players coming to this roster for what we would be spending on Dumervil alone. I think that is how the FO sees it and I can't blame them. Dumervil, Williams, Mays and likely a few others will be gone and allow us to really make an impact moving forward.
Way too much rational thought for this thread. I like Doom too. I think he's an excellent speed rusher off of the edge. My guess is he'll continue to be a 8-10 sack guy in a 4-3 and quite possibly a 12 + sack guy when he lands with a 3-4 team. I think his production loss will be felt, but can be somewhat offset by a rotation of guys like Ayers, Malik Jackson, a FA acquisition (Osi) and even utilizing Wolfe as an outside edge pass-rusher. It's better than being in Jets cap hell in a couple of years when we have to sign Von, DT, Decker etc.

Honestly, I'd even be OK if down the line we lose a Decker, or a Woodyard, because the nature of the modern NFL dictates that you will lose some players. You simply can't have an 80's 49ers Dynasty in the salary cap era.

People have to realize that this is about the future of the franchise. You have to lock up your top 2-3 marque players. Unfortunately, Doom isn't a top 2-3 marque player for the Denver Broncos any longer. Doesn't mean he sucks, doesn't mean the team couldn't use him, but if we want to keep Von Miller as a Denver Bronco beyond his rookie contract, Elway will have to make him the highest paid front seven player in the league, period.

If we want to lock up Clady to a long term contract, he will be paid as a top 5 LT in the league.

Demaryius Thomas had a huge year. I think baring injury, he'll be better next season. Soon you will have to pay DT like a top 5 WR in the league.

It sucks, I wish they could find some way to trade him, but for the most part, league executives and GM's aren't stupid. They know Denver has next to no leverage to move Doom. They'll simply wait for him to get cut.

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