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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
Yea, that brings up a really good point. Who in the NHL front office hates the Bruins? You guys have played 22 games, and there are 43 days left (26 games in 43 days) comparison the Canes have 24 games left in 43 days, and we are literally playing every other night from here on out.
One of our games was cancelled due to a blizzard, which didn't help. I'm just hoping that the Canadiens start to slide and B's keep this pace up for a few more weeks and lock up a top seed early so they can rest guys a little more that last week or two. It definitely helps that we have very balanced scoring, can roll 4 lines consistently, have two good goalies that will most likely rotate every third game or so and have a few guys in the AHL right now that have big club depth hopefully won't be too much of an issue.
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