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If the Broncos really are serious that Dumervil is coming at too high a price then it makes sense to restructure his contract as best they can ( along his agents lines?) and then trade him. To outright release a pro bowl player and get NOTHING for him is stupid. Restructure and then put him on the trading block.

Dumervil has faults and disappears too much in bigger games...but he is going to get a huge contract somewhere if he is a FA. It is rediculous to let a player like that walk and get no compensation.

Maybe Doom will not play for the Broncos this coming year, but I'd bet that he will have a new contract with Denver come March 17 that is not going to be for 12 million this year. It makes NO sense to release him outright. He is not old, hurt or declining and is an important part of our defense. You don't throw that away, and other teams should be willing to give up a second or multiple thirds for a player under contract for at least 3 years.
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