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I fail to see how anyone is justifying anything. Nothing has happened yet. I for one, before this happened, thought Doom's contract was outrageous. If Doom wants to be a team player and a SB, he'll restructure. If it's the money he's after, buh-bye.
I think when he signed it seemed crazy. But I think I read somewhere that Doom currently sits as the 7th highest paid DE. And it goes down from here (while others will undoubtedly get paid even more)

To me, his compensation seems about right where it should be at this point. We won't get a halfway competent replacement and be money ahead, especially with almost $5 mil in dead money factored in. So what if you bring in Freeney for $5 million? Is that decline in production worth $2 million? I refuse to believe it in a league where guys like Joe Mays and DJ Williams can split $10 million bucks.
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