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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
Feel free to minimize Von's game to speed rushing. I've seen him power rush tackles for sacks on several occasions.

They absolutely compliment each other.

Only on the mane can you find hate for a guy the regularly breaks 10 sacks a year.

I guess that's the effect an Elway has when he takes the front office. Nothing he can do is wrong, and everyone will find anyway they can to justify it while minimizing others' accomplishments.

Please tell me why, if this is a financial move, why it would make sense to package Doom for Revis and the contract he will command?
I fail to see how anyone is justifying anything. Nothing has happened yet. I for one, before this happened, thought Doom's contract was outrageous. If Doom wants to be a team player and a SB, he'll restructure. If it's the money he's after, buh-bye.
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