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1. Cutting Dumervil now:
2-year cost: $4.8M
2-year gain: nothing, other than keeping ~$11M of their rollover

2. Keeping Dumervil under current contract, and cutting him in 2014:
2-year cost: $16.8M (and spending entire $14M rollover in 2013)
2-year gain: 1 year of football

3. Reworking Dumervil to $8M per year:
2-year cost: $16M
2-year gain: 2 years of football (and keeping about half their rollover to spend in 2014)

Keeping Dumervil under the current contract for the next 2 years is NOT an option. They would be roughly $10M over the cap in 2014, with no rollover, and with several internal FA's to re-sign. Roster armageddon.
1. Doom's cap number gets more friendly the next two years.

2. The cap is projected to go UP!

3. Manning wins a SB, rides off into the sunset, 20mil a season off the books.

4. WTF are you worried about rolling over money to 2014 Win now stupid!
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