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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
Pretty sure Prater had a terrible year that was Shanny's last. Always thought he contributed to getting him fired. Was clutch the year before though.

OK, so we currently have 9mil and change in cap space, and a 14 mil rollover. WTF are we trying to cut Doom?
1. Cutting Dumervil now:
2-year cost: $4.8M
2-year gain: nothing, other than keeping ~$11M of their rollover

2. Keeping Dumervil under current contract, and cutting him in 2014:
2-year cost: $16.8M (and spending entire $14M rollover in 2013)
2-year gain: 1 year of football

3. Reworking Dumervil to $8M per year:
2-year cost: $16M
2-year gain: 2 years of football (and keeping about half their rollover to spend in 2014)

Keeping Dumervil under the current contract for the next 2 years is NOT an option. They would be roughly $10M over the cap in 2014, with no rollover, and with several internal FA's to re-sign. Roster armageddon.
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