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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
we're not ****ed, you moron, you just think the rollover numbers are, for some reason, untouchable. and that projecting the cap into future years is ironclad. guess what, bro? if 2014 is going to be awful (it won't be, really), you can cut Doom then. you get his production this year without affecting 2014 at all! crazy!

edit: or price will delete his post because he maybe realizes he is a moron
Nobody said the rollover is untouchable bozo.

Leaving the contract 'as is', and cutting Dumervil in 2014, would make the Broncos liable to him for $17M for one year of football. DUMBEST MOVE EVER.

Out of all the choices the Broncos have, that is BY FAR the worst one...that's why they are forced to do something about it now. They MUST either cut him now, or rework his contract to AT MOST about $8M per year (which I seriously doubt he'll take in Denver).

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