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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
Projecting the 2014 cap situation in 2013 by just transferring over each contract is absurd. Check it out: you can cut people next year, too.
The problem is, this team only has two players who's annual salary is getting SMALLER (Bailey and Dumervil). All the other players are getting yearly raises. If you have one player taking up $20M (Manning), the rest of the 52 players can only average $2M salaries...that equates to a roster filled with mediocre talent (which is what the Broncos will have going into the 2014 season), unless Peyton Manning takes a major pay-cut.

In addition to the things others have mentioned, you have Vickerson listed at 2.5 million. He's a free agent.[/QUOTE]

Yes, that's what I assume he signs for (which is a fraction of what Bunkley makes with similar production). I also put down Bruton for $1.5M (as an estimated contract). I don't imagine the Broncos will be able to find a decent starting NT for less than that, unless they draft one, and plug him in immediately.

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