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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
I just have to laugh at this. You obviously don't realize the elite company "only 12 sacks a year" puts you in.

We have that in a known quantity. You're willing to trade it for an unknown quantity, plus giving up more in a high end prospect pick. Ridiculous.
As I said, you would have a real argument if said defensive player had 12 sacks and he was solid if not good against the run. The fact that you have said player who can give you 12 sacks but at the cost of being average AT BEST against the run, is not so special. You're giving up one thing to get another. I'd take a guy who gave me maybe 8 sacks but was really good in the run game. You can make up for those extra few sacks in a few different ways. Especially with a CB like Revis on your team. That means you can blitz more often, maybe 2 or 3 times more per game. His coverage alone could give you 10 more team sacks on the season.

Not to mention we have this guy named Von Miller who is going to draw plenty of interest from the offense and who ever we replaced Doom with is going to benefit from that as well.

Look - I think alot of us would love to have Doom stay. But we just think it should be something like 8 million per season and not 12 million. Football is a game where these coaches in the NFL will find your weakness and exploit it. You can't overpay situational players.
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