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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
One more thing. Dale Hunter benched Ovechkin, he tried the authoritative mind games, etc.

When DH found out that Ted Leonsis is only about marketing, he said **** this and went back to London. Of course the organization put it as "he was home sick and wanted to go back"

Complete BS. Dale Hunter wanted nothing to do with this clown show. He knew he couldn't fulfill his dream of winning a Cup here with Ted Leonsis and Co. in charge. Unlike Mcphee, DH will not stand for being hamstrung. Mcphee just accepts being overruled.
I think the biggest issue is talent as a whole. One key guy is gone and the rest (AO, backstrom, Carlson, green) all simultaneously fell off their games (even before he left). You can survive one guy having a very extended slump but not a bunch of guys all t once. I know there are injury issues with green and backstrom so that's not their fault but still everyone has to get back to their former selfs or you will top out as a .500 team.

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