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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
There is no need to spend that kind of cash with Revis while losing Dumvervil.

There are other, more cost effective options, at CB.

It just doesn't make sense to trade Elvis, and less to cut him.

Honestly, after more than a decade (and really still ongoing) of trying to secure a solid pass rush and defensive line, how any fan can be ok with losing Dumervil. Blows the mind really. Players like are the most valuable on a defense and you don't just let them walk away.

In all honesty, I can only hope that this whole affair is just posturing on both sides. There is absoluetly no reason Dumervil should not be a member of the Broncos heading into next season.

Well 1st off - what I don't think you understand, or at the least you are forgetting, is that sacking the QB happens different ways. Sometimes you just get there super fast and you get the sack. Other times the coverage is so good the QB has to take an extra second or 2 and look around the field and sacks occur that way also. The DL and the secondary go hand in hand in the sack game. You can't just say it's all the DL talent getting the job done. Ever ponder the thought that we had alot of sacks last year because Miller and Doom plus the secondary played well for much of the season.

And the league is changing - you don't see a ton of 5 and 7 step QB drops. You have 3 and 4 guys in routes all the time and alot of quick hitting stuff. I'll argue that an elite CB is every bit as important as an elite pass rusher. Espeically a guy like Revis who plays physical and can really disrupt the routes, but can also just play blanket coverage. He can really mix it up. If Doom got his sacks and was really good against the run, I could see more reason for argument. But he's not good against the run. He's undersized and gets wore down faster. He's a RUSHING SPECIALIST. He's literally almost a liability on run downs. You can't pay a guy 12 million for being a lagit force on passing downs only. And let's not just say sacks are the end all be all. A defensive player can impact a game several ways. Just look at how many balls Watt batted down. Those were huge plays but because they're not sacks, it's not a sexy stat. We can get somebody to give us what Doom gave us last year. I don't think there's another CB out there that can give you what Revis gives you. Not in FA and not in the draft. Not somebody who can give the type of production he could next 2 seasons or so.
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