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You don't trade a premium player and a blue chip prospect for a player coming off a significant injury. Especially when that player will command a contract that dwarfs that of the player you traded. ****ing retarded.

You're an idiot if you think any player that has a serious knee injury can come back like Peterson did. He's not the rule, only the exception.

You shouldn't be willing to make such a deal based on that.

And no, I don't agree that you can find an elite pass rusher easier than a CB. And, an elite pass rusher is more valuable than a CB. A sack is as good as a turnover, not to mention hurries/pressures that result in bad throws or int's, etc.

I'll take an elite pass rusher over an elite CB any day and all day.

People here are just getting caught up in the hype due to the Bailey trade. RB's are a lot easier to replace the pass rushers. There's a reason elite rush defending DE's aren't even talked about, while elite pass rush DE's are among the highest paid players in the league.
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