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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by wolf754life View Post
Sounds like he will be released in the next 48 to 72 hrs.

thats the early word out of Dove valley.
I sure hope your the same dude who was trying to "long dick" some broad at Dove Valley to get a look at the phone records because he was always wrong.

I think Doom is overpaid but I also think he makes things easier for Von to get to the QB. When Doom is not on the field in passing downs Von doesn't seem to get to the QB as often, I sure hope I am wrong about that.

I don't think signing an old Freeney to a 1 or 2 year deal would be as smart as keeping our best drafted LM in most of the Liberal Kiddes life times.

I got a feeling that money wise this isn't about this year but the next 2 years when the CAP and contracts get interesting.

Also if Manning really wants a SB why doesn't he do what John did and offer to take a couple mill less over the next couple years? He is making a killing on endorsements, he got his 100 mil contract, we showed him respect, now show us you want a ring!
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