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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
If he's not willing to restructure his gigantic contract, I'm not really sure what the organization can do. His contract is too big for a situational 10 sack guy, who's best in a 3-4. I'd prefer they trade him, rather than cut him outright, but again, if he won't redo his contract, what can you do?
The organization can't do anything. Doom holds all the cards in this situation.

The team won't cut him outright.

Funny how we spent a season as a 3-4 where Doom excelled no doubt, and now all of a sudden on a team with a historical deficieny in finding pass rushers he's expendable because he only gets 10 sacks a year.

The problem I have is that the team doesn't need to renegotiate his deal at all. It goes down in value after next year and every year thereafter. This is nothing more than a penny pinching move on a player and in a position that is a premium in the NFL.

But hey, trade him for an player (and a blue chip prospect) coming off a serious injury and just call it a day. Never mind that that player will want a contract, salary, and cap hit that would FAR exceed what Dumervil is now. Yeah, don't pay attention to any of that.
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