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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
There are players on the market that can take Doom's place. Freeney, Osi, or others. Revis is the best CB in the NFL. Maybe you all watched AP this last year?

This team is about winning NOW! Revis....will help them win NOW. They can fill their other holes with smart FA signing like the past 2yrs, and with their other picks in the draft.

I say...give them the 1 and the 3 or give them the 1 and something else. The key, will be can they sign Revis to a new contract. If they can...then do it!
You do ****ing realzie that AP is the exception to the rule, not the norm? Most players coming off a serious knee injury are never the do remember a guy named Terrell Davis?

If the team is about winning now, you don't lose a premium pass rusher like Doom, for a CB.

Sorry, Revis is not the best CB in the NFL. He is an unknown quantity due to his injury. Sorry you bought into the hype of what he's done in the past, with no assurance to what he'll do in the future.
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