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Except that part of Miller's success is that teams have to account for Dumervil. You cannot underestimate that in a factor to Von's success.

There is no reason Doom should be gone, other than the team wanting to pinch a couple pennies together.

That's really my main issue. Now is the time to pony up and make a push for a title. If the front office is really charted to do that, then there is NO WAY Elvis walks away.

Taking a chance on a crippled CB by getting rid of a top tier pass rusher and a high end draft pick is ludicrious.

I find it amazing how fast fans remember not having a pass rush and not being able to relate how having two elite pass rushers compliment each other. I can already see the threads and posts about how losing Doom was so predictable to Von's loss in production. I suppose the cynic in me would also note that if that's the case, the upcoming contract for Miller would be less. Maybe that is the teams ultimate goal? Save a few pennies now, when you really don't need too, in order to save dollars later when Miller is due to re-up.
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