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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
He's only 25. He's made some verbal blunders and has had a hard time staying on the field. When he has been on the field...he either looks like a stud or fumbles the ball.

I think at the right price....he could be a nice addition with our coaching staff.

I'm all for it.
Not true at all. Let me fix that for you. When there is a good amount of open space or running lanes, he looks fantastic. He's not that impressive when things get tight. He's 225 lbs but not terribly physical for that size, I think his fumbling issues are a result of that very thing. I said it before, I think he's a beefed up track star and isn't really all that nifty on his feet. He'll blaze past guys when there's room. When there's no room, he'll look just like Tatum Bell did. Lost.
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