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I'm not for trading an elite pass rusher for a CB (yeah, a ****ing lolCB) that is coming off a serious ****ing knee injury. Remember Rod Woodson? He used to be elite, and never was the same after that. There's no assurance that Revis can recover, but you're willing to pay a premium to find out. I find that absolutely comical.

So we're supposed to trade a preimum player at a a premium position for a ****ing CB coming a dehibilitating injury? Right?

Denver's problem isn't with Revis,,,,,it's why they want to get rid of a player at a position that we've had historical problems filling for DECADES. It's insane to even consider.

The Jets are just propping his vaule because they have no choice and need to cash in while they can, before Revis plays again and everyone can see if he can play at that level or not. It's a lottery.

Doom is a known quantity at a position of greater value. Doesn't make sense to give him up and a high pick for a position that is of much lesser value.
We probably have the best pass rusher in the NFL on the team at the moment though. And that's on the chance Revis doesn't recover...what if he does?

I dont want doom gone, but i'd rather we get something for the deal at least. A draft pick is every bit as much a lottery as gambling on Revis if not more.
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