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Chris Harris

I'm still not entirely sure the Broncos would look somewhere else for a DE if we cut Doom. I think Fox and Elway really like Hunter and Ayers. I would totally skip on Freeney. Osi is still pretty good, it would depend on how much we have to pay him. I think Ayers has been playing better of late and he could be ready for his break through season. And let's not for about Jackson. The guy has the prototype NFL DE body at 6'5 280. I saw some good things out of him last preaseason so in his 2nd year let's hope he can really step up.

On a side note, I think if we signed Revis, you could potentially see more blitzes by the Broncos. With Champ and Revis locking down guys, you have more freedom to blitz a safety.
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