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Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
Dumervilles problem is he is the second best pass rusher on the team. You can't pay your second best guy 30 over 3. Maybe we could do 24 but 30 is tough.
No, it's really not. Guy who get to the QB get paid.

In all honesty, I don't see what the problem is. Take Doom away, and Von's production will decline. They complimant each other. In the limited window we have with Manning, just pay Doom and work towards a Super Bowl.

Oh, that's right. My mistake, as I though the front office would have winning a championship more important than saving a few dollars on a critical player's salary. My bad.

The problem here is that fans want and expect a Super Bowl. Mangement just wants cheaper returns, and players just want to get paid. That's how we the fans don't fit into the equation. Our expectations are not the same.
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