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An embarrassing weekend for the **** show that is the caps.

It's the same old crap every era. Ovechkin deserved big time blame for the game against the Isles on Saturday. Him and Ribeiro were extremely selfish players that game. Penalties, lack of focus, dumb decisions, etc.

It's an organization problem. The same crap that happened with Larry Murphy will happen with Ovechkin. The same thing that happened with Jaromir Jagr will happen with Ovechkin.

Ovechkin will be run out of town and win a Cup elsewhere. No one in DC realizes the pattern across the history of the caps. A lot of bandwagon sheep will drink the kool aid Ted Leonsis throws at them.

You cannot acquire Jaromir Jagr, put him with an AHL defense and scream that you are going to win the Cup.

You cannot put Alex Ovechkin with grinders and again AHL guys on defense and expect results. They expect Ovechkin to carry a crappy team and truthfully to my eyes 8 has checked out of DC.

I don't blame him. I blamed Larry Murphy, Scott Stevens, Jaromir Jagr and **** even Brendan Witt and Halpern with their gripes against the organization.

You know what though? Alex Ovechkin was loyal in 2008 when everyone was telling him to GTFO of the 2nd rate hockey market like DC (a reputation well earned) but he stayed and helped build some elite regular season teams with other core guys who btw are now always injured (Green) or MIA (Backstrom).

So at the end of the day, so as to not be burned as in the past; I am going to give ovechkin the benefit of the doubt and blame this piece of **** organization or lack thereof. I've seen enough throughout the caps history to give the organization a break.

Ownership and management is the big culprit here. Once ovechkin is traded, it will play out what was really the issue in DC.
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