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You're operating under the pretense that he owes anything to his employers. He's being paid retro-actively for his latest post-season performance. If Baltimore doesn't pony up, another would have, leaving Baltimore to deal with the public fallout of letting their Super Bowl winning QB walk away.

Locker room harmony is getting the loyalty of the other players. What better way to ensure that then for them to know you have their backs when it comes to contract negotiations? Seems like a solid plan to me.

How do you think his teammates would react if he came out and said Boldin is old and need to take a pay cut, after just signing his own monster deal? I got mine, but you need to make room for other players. C'mon, we just won the Super Bowl, take a cut while I'm the highest paid player in the league, money's not important, just winning championships!!!

Hell, why doesn't Boldin ask Flacco to restructure part of his deal so the team can absorb the his cap hit? Back to back is the goal, take it for the team Flacco! Allow the team to keep your best WR!

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