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Why can't that same $112M that was saved not be applied towards the $200M or whatever they want to spend on re-doing a 15 year old stadium?
It's more expensive than that. Stadiums have gotten incredibly expensive for what you have to have.

And the net income was trending down. One reason they went ahead and pulled in two years is the later it gets, the worse the picture gets.

In other words, the trend of the revenues fully supports the position that (1) the salary cap situation needed to be addressed; and (2) revenues were flattening and the stadium situation would need to be addressed to create more possibilities and corporate boxes.

I've got no sympathy or even empathy for a team or business trying to re-jigger the math and get what they want. By the same token, I have no self-righteous smugness about it, either -- the NFL is a business, run by millionaires, played by millionaires. And as life would have it, the vast majority of people can never play or coach at that level. It's just to entertain the rest of us schlubs.
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