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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Of all his posts that is what makes you scratch your head?
Originally Posted by errand View Post
Exactly.....Rev goes queer for a CB's gear and he'll defend him until doomsday.

I still laugh at his "too bad the 49ers don't have a WR that can showcase PP's skills" comment......and then still tried to defend him after he was made to lick a cat's ass in that game by whomever the 49ers lined up on him.
Originally Posted by errand View Post
Maybe, and I'm just spitballin' here.....but maybe he's just not as smart as you people and he think he is?

He's like everyone else on this board....right about some things...and wrong about most.
Originally Posted by errand View Post
Yes, he just slobbered all over PP, and he still gets b****y. Why? Because you questioned his opinion of Dunta Robinson.

See Rev hates being called out on anything. Especially when he says some clown is all that and a bag of chips...he like his moniker thinks you should just take his opinion as the gospel.

This is why he gets blasted in here a lot whenever he's wrong, because like Fonzie or Sheldon Cooper, he can't admit it when he is wrong.....he's a typical narcissistic kind of guy.
Four in a row about me without being prompted one bit.... that's not creepy at all. Obsessed, much? You and DENVERDUI55 should start a club with baja.
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