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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Now now, W*GS, please don't make me school you on the uselessness of IQ tests.

Yes, "enlighten" us again on the USELESSNESS of IQ exams.....

Yes, IQ scores are meaningless.

It is simply a coincidence that the people that never came up with a written language, the wheel or indoor plumbing, score the lowest. AND another strange coincidence that the people scoring the highest split the atom, put a man on the moon and cured polio.

Just a coincidence that Detroit is 90% black and looks the way it does. Just a coincidence that Haiti is just like Detroit.

Just a coincidence and don't you otherwise rational people dare think anything else

IQ useless? meaningless? REALLY?

The relationship between IQ and income is somewhat correlated; in general, people with higher IQs make more money
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