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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
Friends of mine who are stiller fans are pretty upset. Tomlin doesnt know what he is doing, steelers are a horrible franchise, how can you cut the best player on the team. First world problems, man.

Getting rid of a good veteran near the end of their career and not overpaying them while not taking the risk of someone who could be missing games because of injury (age) while watching the skill diminish. This has been the genius of the Patriots.

It has played out well for the Patriots for Ty Warren not so good for the Denver Broncos. Now go online and look at Harrison's production year to year and compare it to Ty Warren's production. Very similar pattern developing.

Fans don't have to manage the cap or measure value for dollars spent. If they would stand back and look at it from a value standpoint, they might have a different take. Emotionally, it is difficult to say goodbye to someone that has been a key player for your team. It is a business.
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