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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
this. Panthers pocketed $112M between 2010 and 2011, on the basis that they wouldn't know what the lockout would bring...fine, I get that this is not the normal operating situation. Why can't that same $112M that was saved not be applied towards the $200M or whatever they want to spend on re-doing a 15 year old stadium?

I guess in principle I'm against using public money to fund private enterprises. It's wrong at every level but especially when the city can't pay for it's own obligations.
I started to argue against you on this point but after finding out that the Panthers own their stadium outright, you have a point. Very few NFL teams own their stadium.

In business, improving infrastructure will result in the cost being passed to the consumer unless competitive forces prevent that from happening. In the NFL, there is no competition. So, the Panther fans will pay for it, count on it. If Mr Richardson wants public money, he could sell interest in the stadium back to the City of Charlotte.

In reality, NFL ownership have an emotional card they can play against the fan base. If they don't get what they want from the current situation, they can move the team. See the Raiders, Colts and Browns/Ravens. Mr. Richardson, 76 yrs old, will not be passing the team on to family members. He takes great pride in purchasing a team and placing it in his home region of the country. He is well respected by the fan base in that region of the country. He has been willing, maybe not recently, to spend money to get the team in the Superbowl. This will play out.
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