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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Wiggs won't argue that co2 reduction by the USA will cool the Earth because he knows it won't. It won't halt, stop, or control global climate change at all. Why? Because he knows India, China, Indoensia, Brazil won't be switching off coal and oil anytime soon. Maybe in another 100 yrs but if we try and move to fast we destroy our economy.
Some of us don't care what China does.

Some of us just don't want that **** in our backyard. Why can't you respect that? Aren't you the same people that b**** about having to look at a wind turbine? Why should I have to submit to a pipeline running through my country where, if it leaks, it's not going to get cleaned up...period?

All for what, 10 cent cheaper gas? No thanks. No way. Not worth it. Not in my country.
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