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TJ Ward

Obviously the guy wants cash that's been guaranteed to him. But Baltimore won't pay him that and I doubt anybody else does. I think he could be had for $3-4 million factoring in incentives. Boldin needs to find a place to hang on at. He still has great hands. His speed is failing him though. He needs a solid QB option if he's going to eek out 2-3 more years in the league. That place would be Denver... or New England who will need a WR too. I'm sure the Florida teams will be in the mix as well. I like his game though and Denver needs to add weapons. Stokely made it through this season relatively unscathed but he didn't with Shanahan and can't have much more in the tank. After Decker/Thomas, who do we have? Gotta give Manning somebody to throw passes to.
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