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Criminal Bengals 2013 Draft

#18 -- Alec Ogletree, LB
#36 -- DeAndre Hopkins, WR
#37 -- Jonathan Cyprien, S
#86 -- Giovani Bernard, RB

Still to come. . .


First of all, I feel really good about this draft. Regardless of me having them in this mock, I think they all have the potential of being extremely good pros in the NFL. They are Day 1 contributors in my mind and some of the best playmakers at their positions in the entire draft. As mentioned earlier, they are all in my Top 50 and in a deep draft like this, I think that is incredible to be able to snag them -- even if I was lucky enough to have the Raiders second rounder because they were silly enough to trade for Old Man Palmer.

I was surprised that RB has been an after thought in this draft. I do have Le'Veon Bell as my highest rated guy (barely), but Bernard was right behind him. Lacy was not one of my top guys and quite frankly, do not think he is going to be that great of a professional. I really thought that some team would have scooped up Giovani by now -- especially teams who need a RB that can also catch the ball out of the backfield. I really don't get how he fell this far. I thought he had a good combine, despite being smaller than advertised.

IMHO -- I got four starters and have enough picks left (and hopefully a compensatory) to end up getting some depth on our roster. There are still a lot of GREAT PLAYERS on board so there should be some guys left in the fifth round. Don't count out the Bengals trying to make another move up for a high target of theirs if the price is right.

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