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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post
Richardson was one of the most vocal poor me owners. He is anything but poor and has a healthy operating with the new TV deal next it will grow.

He also tried to get tax payers to fork over more money.
Do we always believe every internet spin article. There are other stories that paint the man in a completely different light. He is a self made man. He caught a touchdown pass from Johnny Unitas in the NFL's "Greatest Game" in 1958. He walked away from the game on his own terms when the Colts wouldn't give him a $250 raise. He by far isn't the first owner in any sport to pass on expenses to the fans and he won't be the last. He took an unpopular path in getting the Panthers back in a better financial situation quickly but he is the OWNER. My goodness, he doesn't owe an answer to anyone.
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