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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
It's the core stupidity of "supply side" economics. Jobs are not created by people that have capital. Jobs are created by demand. People with capital aren't going to just create jobs for the hell of it. They want an ROI.

No Demand = No ROI.
Don't forget to add in the mantra of "capital gains taxes kill investments" which not only has never been proven to be true, also doesn't follow a logical argument.

I was going to invest this $50,000 and get a 10% ROI for a total of $55,000, but since the tax rate of 15% is so high, I'm only going to end up with $54, 250, WOOOOOOE IS MEEEEEEE I'll just put it in a savings account instead and get 1.5% instead if I'm lucky.

That's like the idiots who said they were going to cut their salary to $199,999 to avoid the higher tax rates for those making $200k and over...a complete and total lack of understanding of reality.
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