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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
You shouldn't be able to, we don't have a president, we have a prime minister, but hey why would an American have a clue what happens outside the US borders.

Now one thing obozo has done that the retards voted against that they were previously in favor of, how about the last few bailouts ? it was ok when they did the first few, but now the other guys are doing it its bad.

Im not saying they arent playing politics, but you are saying that you guys didnt, and im sorry but you were just as bad, so please stop with the we are the good guys and those evil guys there are messing us up crap, when the roles were reversed you behaved the exact same way.
Oh God, seriously? Lame. Yep, you got me, I totally had no idea Canada had a prime minister, not a president, as I was only born an raised a few miles from the border. I didn't think you were asking the name of the person and instinctively replace "president" with "prime minister". That could NEVER happen, especially with someone who obviously knows a little about politics. Nice try.

As far as your claim, I think you're a little confused. I am in no way claiming "us good they bad". In fact, I even said that there was a lot of animosity, particularly in the second term. You can, however, see a not-insignificant list of stuff that was passed with bipartisan support while Bush was president, No Child Left Behind and the war in Iraq being two right off the top of my head.

This president has had to deal with an historically uncooperative congress as well as an historically unpopular congress. He's been blocked at every turn by do-nothing's who want to govern based on ideology, not reality. On dogma, not compromise. Even now they claim the president doesn't have a plan, when it's been out and in writing for weeks. It's just a plan they don't like, so they pretend it doesn't exist by saying "we'll, no 'serious' we're still not going to negotiate because he won't do it on good faith."

It's moving the goalposts.

Oh, and another example of something one party was for but now they're against because of who's in charge? 95% of what's in the Affordable Care Act.
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