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Guzan is the backup, but Friedel has been somewhat posturing for an international comeback over the last couple of days.

That red card was horrible. Completely changed the game. Although I don't question Ferguson much, I do question why he couldn't find a place for Rooney in that starting XI. I don't buy it was a tactical ommission what so ever. We'll see if he plays a role tomorrow in the cup against Chelsea.

Last comment on the united game though, I just hate negative tactics. You have the away goal advantage and are at home. Take the game to Madrid and just beat them. Really disappointing approach from United imo. I guess Chelsea won it doing that last season, and to their credit they beat Barcalona and Bayern along the way, but it sure makes for a dull game. Also, screw Italy. Just because.

Looking forward to the continued Bale show and watching Tottenham win Europa league.

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