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Originally Posted by broncswin View Post
Yes...just because we sit in nickle 65% of the time, doesn't mean the opposition throws at that high yes even in nickle he is out there to run stop and he struggles at it....don't get me wrong, I love doom and don't want to lose him. I figure giving him a 3yr deal at 21 mill with a 3 mill signing bonus should get it done. Thus is essentially 8mill/yr...he is worth that.
But when you factor in the offensive output per game by our offense (playing with a lead) that 65% may be 60% passing, 5% runs and of that 5% are all the runs targeted at Elvis. Elvis knows his contract is front and center for restructure so this is not a suprise but it would be real hard for me if I'm Elvis to accept a 20% pay cut ($30 MM vs $24 MM over the next 3 years) when I just came off an 11 sack season and the league needs pass rushers.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple days.
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