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Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
Really? I agree that Avril would get a lot more than Doom if Doom hit FA. Thats a no brainer. But using Peter king support your opinion is pretty weak. Dudes a hack. And just because Avril might look like great pickup doesn't mean hes gonna go to a team and tear **** up. See Mario Williams....
You are right, Peter King is a hack (but a very important voice in the press department), but Avril is still ranked in the top 1,2 or 3 in most sites. Look it up. Avril will turn 28, and nowhere near the production Doom has. I have no doubt that Doom would be the prize of the market, would command a 10+ mil/ season and a guarantee minimum of 20 mil.

so yeah.. Avril is ranked on all those sites top or top 2, except for the NFL one where he drops to #6 but still is the first defensive player.

I have no doubt in my mind that Doom would rape the FA market.

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