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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I'm surprised Obama doesn't want a union for that. Then he would give pantry crappers minimum wage. You can't have an economy without energy. Cheap energy should be the goal of every president until we beat China. We can worry about cooling the Earth later. What good is a cool Earth if we lose our status as biggest and the best? That ain't cool! I would rather heat the **** out of the Earth and stay on top as long as possible. You think China and Russia are worried about co2?
Do you know what the difference in standard of living between the "biggest and best" and countries like Germany, UK, or Canada? Have you ever been abroad?

I know you don't believe in global warning but let's just pretend you agree with 97% of science. Is the perceived drop in quality of life from #1 to say #10 that much of a difference that its worth gambling the future of the entire world and millions of lives?

And that's just if you believe the quality of life in the US is #1 in the world. Unless when you refer to "biggest and best" you refer to military power, in which case that doesn't really get you anything, as no major power has any interest in military conquest anymore. To do so is to invite ruin. It seems like every major civilized nation understands that...except the US.
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