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Juwan Thompson

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
2013 NFL Salary Cap: $123M
Broncos Current cap number: $114.7M
Broncos Cap Number after cutting DJ and Mays (-$9.3M): $105.4M
Draft pick allocation (+$5M): $110.4M
"Right of First Refusal for Colquitt, Ball, Clark (+$3.9M): $114.3M
RFA Tender for Unrein and Carter (+$1.3M): [B]$115.6M[/B] (current cap number)
Broncos are trying to resign Bruton before FA (+$2M): $117.6M
Broncos trying to resign Vickerson before FA (+2.5M): $120.1M

Even if the Broncos cut DJ Williams and Joe Mays, they only have $3M to spend in Free Agency (at most).

The Broncos would still need to sign a starting Defensive Tackle to take the place of Bannan. If the Broncos resign Bannan ($1M), they would only have $2M to spend in Free Agency. That is why they want to restructure Dumervil.
So much fail. First you assume a team with six picks -- and picking late inevery round -- will be at the very high end on the rookie allocation pool.

Then you add a bunch of players as if every dime of their salary counts instead of just the difference between the new deal/tender and the player that would get taken off the Top 51.
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