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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
John Elway - "You can never have enough Cornerbacks."

If Tracy Porter didn't have seizures and a concussion, the Broncos would have won the Superbowl. They only played Porter at the end of the year, because Carter wasn't getting the job done...and he ultimately failed in the playoffs.

I can guarantee you the Broncos will pick up a FA CB.

Don't get me wrong, they need a bunch of other players too. Two starting DT's, a starting RG, an MLB, probably a starting RDE...and a Safety who can guard TE's.
Wheres the logic in that? If you want to point the cornerback play in the Broncos loss, the finger is firmly directed at Champ Bailey and two long throws. It wasnt like our corners were getting beaten all day. I'm all for depth, but its not our biggest need.
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