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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Dems celebrating a policy where the fed prints and pumps money into the stock market is pretty funny. If a repubs was in office doing this you would be up in arms. Not helping the poor i will tell you that much.
Again, you guys are such dishonest little roaches.

All this is in response to you conservative douchebags who on November 7th and again on January 1st (not to mention all throughout the election) complained and complained "ohhhh woe is the United States because of Obama's failed policies, the stock market is down, unemployment is up, the job numbers are too small, and housing prices are stagnant."

Now news comes out that the stock market is at a record high, unemployment is down, job numbers are as good as they've been in months, and housing prices rose by the largest amount in over 7 years, and we point out that you were at the very least too quick to jump the gun, and at the very most dead wrong, and you come in here and attempt to change the narrative.

We're calling your BS.

If anyone is moving the goalposts, it's not us.
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