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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
He had a great year, but he also gets to beat up on #2s a lot, with a TON of mixed man-zone coverages.

Talented guy, but we'll see how he does moving forward. I'd be surprised if he was in top 5 discussion this time next year.

In fact, not so sure he should be in top 5 discussion right now. Stevie Johnson whipped him repeatedly in one of the rare times Sherman played the opposing #1 straight up.
I'm not so sure this is correct. Sherman went against Megatron this year, he matched up with Julio in the playoffs. I don't think he's just abusing #2 corners on teams. And he's had a great two years.. Can't be a Pro Bowler by luck. I am not taking away from PP, but Shermen deserves more credit...

Besides, he shut down Skip Bayless!
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