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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Technically you didn't Gaylore.

Winston only gave up 4 sacks and 25 QB pressures last year, ranking as the 8th best RT in the league.

He was let go because he has an arm injury, and because Reid wants bigger RT's for his system.
If he was really the 8th best RT in the league his size would not be an issue.

Why would they want a bigger RT who is worse? Makes no sense.

I watch a lot of kFc games and when Winston was playing he was noting special. Charles speed made that OL look better than it was. Put a slower avg RB back there like Hillis and they sucked.

Reid is trying to upgrade because your OL is terrible. Not sure why he isn't trying to upgrade the C and add a G and upgrade the other G position but I like that he is possibly making the team weaker to implement his system.
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