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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
Nah I think he is done. And I don't think he is an improvement to the safeties we have. Everyone needs to get over the Rahim epic fail and realize he made leaps and bounds of improvement last year. Carter will be coming back and we will be set with them and Adams.

Now... Dashon Gholston? THAT is a big time improvement and I would be all for that. AW would just be taking up a roster spot IMO. How many times are we just going to continue doing this? Sign Lynch, Sign B Dawk... I know they played great and were improvements to our team. But it's time to start building our young guys there. Plus AW isn't on Lynch or B Dawk level.
He's one year removed from breaking up 14 passes, so...... yeah...
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