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I have lived in Nebraska kind of sucks. Even in the bigger towns there is a hick mentality.

I mean, they have a fast food chain that sells cabbage rolls called Runza in Nebraska, do you know what a cabbage and cheese rolls does to your insides? Do you?

The women...not exactly refined. Maybe you would prefer it that way.

Sounds like a good opportunity, but I have spent most of my adult life living in places I hated both in the military and out, and let me tell you, it better be a damn good job to be worth it.

I am typing this right now in a hick town in Germany, and I cant even look for a job in Colorado because I owe them another 10 months for my move here. By then I still probably have to stay put so my kids can graduate without changing schools. Worst part, even if I wanted to stay here, they make civilians move back to the states after 5 years anyway.

Now I want a cabbage roll. Bastard.
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