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Originally Posted by MariusPontmercy View Post
Finance guys (and gals) - I was wondering what you all thought of Berkshire Hathaway. I just had a second interview with them, and I think I might get an offer as an actuary.

It's Buffet's company and I hear great things, like it can totally propel a career. One of my grad school Profs. said when he was my age, "I would have cleaned Buffett's carpets for a living to get in with BHHC, and I'm only half-joking."

I'd have to move to Nebraska, which means I'd have to curb my ski habit, put my season tixs up on exchange, leave CU-Leeds and finish my MBA at.... ugh... the University of Nebraska.

Worth it?
Lots of solid advice here. However, the best relates to how do you view it?

BHHC is an amazing company, and it certainly would boost your career as an actuary, which is way different than pure finance like most are commenting.

The deal will be why? Why would you interview with a company in the first place, if you do not want the actual job? If you like the job, then you get into the rest of the deal about moving, but it is always about why am I doing this. If its a stepping stone, USE it. If its a career, then being In Nebraska for an extended period could be an issue. If it is what people would think you should do, then don't go unless its what you want to do.

Motives, expectations, and desires are what drive people to be good. Why would you take the job? Really ask yourself that, and then and only then will you have your answer. We can only guide you.
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